Linen face mask 1

Linen face mask 1

3 layers linen face mask of 100% linen fabric. The reusable mask is hypoallergenic and breathable. The mask can be washed and reused and is great for using when cleaning, traveling in dusty areas. Be aware they don’t replace the medical masks, but as we’ve been advised by the experts they are definitely better than nothing in protecting others (especially if you have a cough or sneeze). They are reusable if you wash them at 60 degrees and iron. This mask will reduce the chances of you catching or spreading any germs as well as safeguard you from dust, air pollutants, and droplets from others around you.

Our face mask also features an insert slot so you can put in a filter for even higher protection.

This linen mask is made from linen offcuts and unused scrap material. So the color you get will be a surprise.

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